What is soy wax? - Soy wax is made from the oil of soy beans.

Why do you use soy wax? - Soy wax is natural, environmentally and vegan friendly.

Are your candles pet friendly? – Yes, they are! We created this brand as we are pet owners and breeders, so we wanted to make own products to be absolutely safe for us and our pets, ecological, cruelty free, vegan, natural, biodegradable, paraben free

What are the benefits of soy wax? - Soy wax has a cleaner burn than other waxes and doesn’t emit any nasty toxins into the air.

How long should I burn my candle for? - The first time you light the candle it should burn for a minimum and maximum of 4 hours.

Why do I have to initially burn the candle for 4 hours? - When soy candles are lit for the first time they create a melt pool. It is essential you burn the candle initially for 4 hours so the wax melts to the edge of the jar. Candles create a memory pool so this enhances and promotes a cleaner burn.

What wicks do you use? – Our cotton wicks are a flat braided wick made from pure spun cotton and paper, but if you want crackling sound, you can choose wooden wick in your candle.

How long do your candles burn for? - You should expect your Champ Shop smallest candles burn for at least 25-30 hours, when list for periods of 4 hours at a time. If lit for longer periods at a time, it may last a little shorter.

Why do your candles not contain paraffin wax? - Paraffin wax when burned creates toxins such as benzene and toluene, both have been found to be cancer causing agents. We want an all-natural, but beautiful candle so our customers can enjoy our candles knowing there is no risk to their health.

What is a soy blend? - Some manufactures create candles that are mixed with both soy and paraffin wax. This is commonly known as a soy blend and can be retailed as soy candles.  These candles are less toxic than a standard paraffin candle however the candle will still emit toxic fumes.

Are your soy candles mixed with any other wax? - No our candles only contain 100% natural soy wax.

Do your candles contain additives? - Absolutely not! Our candles only contain the highest natural ingredients. Many manufactures use stearic acid, which is an additive.

What is stearic acid? - Stearic acid is commonly known as palm oil.  Many manufacturers of candles will not state this additive is added to their blend. Common ingredient names are often - PKO – Palm Kernel Oil, PKO fractionations: Palm Kernel Stearin (PKs); Palm Kernel Olein (PKOo), PHPKO – Partially hydrogenated Palm Oil, FP(K)O – Fractionated Palm Oil, OPKO – Organic Palm Kernel Oil.

Is palm oil bad for the environment? - Yes it is. Studies have found that damage to peatland, partly due to palm oil production, is claimed to contribute to environmental degradation, including four percent of global greenhouse gas emissions and eight percent of all global emissions caused annually by burning fossil fuels, due to the clearing of large areas of rainforest for palm oil.

Are your candles eco and vegan friendly? - Yes they are. All ingredients right down to the fragrance, glitter, dried flowers, mica powder and the dye are eco and vegan friendly.

What is the frosting on my candle? - Frosting is common when using soy wax and it only cosmetic. It doesn't affect performance of the candle. Frosting is a proof it is a 100% soy candle. The alternative is to add additives to prevent this however it is not what we want to deliver to you.

My candle doesn't look like it is stuck to the jar properly? - The use of additives would also prevent this, however both frosting and glass adhesion is a common factor in soy use and is something we are proud of, it proves to our lovely customers that the wax we use is 100% soy wax.

What is the weight of your candle? - The net weight of our small candles is approximately 140g, the total weight is 305g

Can I re use the jar / glasses once the candle has come to an end? - Of course, our jars / glasses can be cleaned easily with soap and warm water.

Is your packaging recyclable? - Yes, most of our packaging can be recycled.

Is there a minimum order for free delivery? - Yes, it is free for all orders over £50 in UK.

Do you only have one size jar? - No, we have several containers available as well as pillar candles.

Where are you based? - Our candles are hand poured, made with love and care in Kinsley, West Yorkshire.